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November 02, 2004


Arrived in Prague last night with Steve. First night was fun, ended up going to some guys flat, then to a couple bars with a bunch of people. Prague has a unique look, though I haven't yet seen the center of town, where I'm headed now. This town has a lot of history and I am interested in seeing how its heritige compares with other European cities. Contrary to my optimistic premonitions, the rollercoaster seems to be continuing at the same pace with the same highs and lows. I have begun to write again, though not as much as before. My current writing seems similar to that which I lost in Barcelona. I am getting more excited about coming home. It seems so sureal to me that I might be back in the states in little over a week. I have been traveling for a while now, though not long at all when compared to Australians who travel for years at a time. Perhaps in the future I will embark again on longer adventures. Certainly adventures are made more enjoyable by the prospect of coming home. Home is made more sweet by being away. I hope I have not set my expectations too high for what lies ahead somewhere I might call home. Steve and I have engaged in many long conversations, which has been immensely enjoyable. I always knew that Steve and I were different, which was perhaps why we got along so well, but I do not believe I understood how different until this trip. I am very much trying to see things through his eyes even as I might disagree internally or externally. I find I am learning much from this excersize, seeing other ways of looking at things that I could never have arrived at given the way I think. Understanding the concept of there being 'ways of thinking' that could take seemingly obvious ideas and come to different conclusions is itself sobering. I can not say my way is better or worse than his and in fact see serious flaws in both our modes of thought. By flaws I mean areas in which our modes of thought could lead us to conclusions or lead us to actions which may not be right or separately, may not be productive. I suppose the right answer would be that some balance of the two would be most productive, but even then I am not sure. For it is our belief in our beliefs that allows us to move with conviction. In this way, strong beliefs themselves are both a crutch and a necessity. I've written more about this in my journal, but I have much more to write and think about. Lastly, we may get a chance to take a train to Munich and stay with some friends of mine, though I haven't heard back from them just yet. It would be nice to add Germany to the list.

Posted by wonko at November 2, 2004 02:49 AM

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If you converse the way you write, I feel sorry for your friend Steve. Your written words seem so carefully thought out that I feel like I'm reading from a 18th century journal of a pompous English aristocrat. It's OK to use contractions like "haven't" and "won't" instead of "have not" and "will not". We are in the 21st century. Geeze! Lighten up already. "Contrary to my optimistic premonitions" Why not say, "I thought things would get better but I'm still bummed out."

Posted by: Andrea at November 2, 2004 12:49 PM

Hope you're digging life in Europe man.. I know you love to travel. I just thought I'd stop by to give you the heads up on America. We're stumbling through our election process and terribly close to electing Bush again. Although there is HIGH hope in the impending re-counts, absentee and military votes - Ohio is this years Florida man... stay in Europe! Until I get there and you can tour me around! :)

Posted by: alfonse palaima at November 2, 2004 11:23 PM

Andrea-- I am sorry you feel that way and feel the need to judge the way I think and write. I'll have you notice that I did not judge Steve for his different ways of thinking. I do not believe he is wrong or that I am more right in my way of thinking, we're just different. In this same way, I would hope you would be able to look at me and say I am different instead of saying I am wrong. As far as the way I write and talk, my honest first impression is to write it off as American anti-intellectualism. People who use big words should be distrusted. I am not sure when intelligence became a liability in this country. Though I don't think I write like an 18 century aristocrat so much as a 21st century educated individual. My only advice is, read more, complain less.

Posted by: Wonko at November 3, 2004 06:59 AM

The reason to say "contrary to my optimistic premonitions," instead of "I thought things would get better but I'm still bummed out" would be that words like "premonition" have clear, concise meanings. (Although, I'll grant that premonition is generally used in a negative sense.)

Moreover, your suggested replacement sentence doesn't have the same meaning as Adam's -- Being "bummed out" wouldn't indicate that things aren't getting better, only that he wasn't feeling better.

Posted by: kasei at November 3, 2004 09:37 AM

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