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January 16, 2005


I've waffled back and forth between whether I like snowboarding to music or not. My last mp3 player weighed WAY too much, so I had a good excuse for leaving my music home. Now I have an iPod and I even remember thinking to myself when I bought it how perfect it would be for snowboarding. So yesterday, I rode with it for the first time. I've got some perfect riding music on it. Blackalicious. Iron Maiden. James Bond stuff. However, I found it wasn't as ideal as I'd hoped. I'd put on the perfect music, but inevitably, the moment would change and some other music would be perfect. My iPod couldn't sense this change of mood and change music accordingly. Of course, I don't have a remote either, so its hard for me to switch music manually. Plus, I haven't created 'perfect' ride playlists, which I think would help. But... I found that when I rode with my mIpod (the M is short for mind), the music I was listening to could instantly change moment by moment. I could be riding up the lift with one thing in my head, but when people talked to me it would instantly mute. When I got off the life I'd drop in to some adrenalin music, then it might switch the James Bond if I got into the moguls. If I'm I get in the trees the music can instantly switch. Then, when I need silence, it again knows to mute. The only tradeoff is that I don't have many full songs on my mIpod. I have millions of choruses, but few FULL songs. Also, the words of most of the songs are messed up or just incomplete. Thats definitely the downside.

Its fun to ride with the iPod and I'll definitely do it more, but I think I prefer the mIpod for its versatility and intuitive interface. I give it 5 stars.

Posted by wonko at January 16, 2005 11:14 AM

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