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May 30, 2002

Adult Swim and the meaning of life.

If you're like me, you ask yourself on a daily basis how one block of TV can be as timely and influential as adult swim. Well, I can officially tell you, as an authority, that it can.

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Phoenix or bust!

I'm in Phoenix (Glendale at the moment). Thats why there hasn't been as much activity lately. We drove to LA and flew to PHX. It was strange being in LA again. We saw the ocean again... I miss the ocean. It was very beautiful and the smell was intoxicating to say the least. We're visiting my parents, as well as my wife's parents. Went to a strange wedding today. Beautiful, but strange in some ways. As always, Phoenix is a strange place, very homogenized.

While here we celebrated my brothers and my grandfathers birthdays. My grandfather is turning 80 and is still REALLY sharp and active. He still works, I think he's working for a catering company, which keeps him on his feet and healthy. Its very reassuring to see someone that old, that active and healthy. He's a little hard of hearing, but he's just as sharp and funny as you or I. Of course I'm making some pretty big assumptions about you, but I hope you'll let that slide. It just backs up my theory about the correlation between mental/physical activity and mental lucidity.

My brother is having a baby in 3 months. He's 3 years older than I, but he got married a couple years after I did. I, however, do not want babies any time soon. Its a long standing introspective question on just when I WILL want babies. Who knows.

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May 29, 2002

Why blog?

To what end do people create these so-called 'blogs' on personal pages which no one goes to anyway. Some sort of cathartic delusion wherein one feels he has purged himself, or increased human understanding while merely just adding bits to the recesses of the ether. That said, this is my blog.

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